Provincie Noord-Brabant brengt SAP-beheerwerkzaamheden onder bij iQibt en Sabaas.

Per 1 juli 2020 is iQibt eindverantwoordelijk voor de SAP-beheerwerkzaamheden bij de provincie Noord-Brabant. iQibt treedt hierin op als service integrator, waarbij Sabaas de rol vervult als onderaannemer voor SAP Basis beheer- en infrastructuur dienstverlening. Al eerder optimaliseerde iQibt het subsidiesysteem en andere financiĆ«le processen bij de provincie Noord-Brabant, waardoor iQibt geen onbekende is van de provincie. Eelke Blonk, Programma … Read More

Cloud Automation

Automating the Cloud: The key advantages of running SAP in the Cloud are the many automation options compared to On Premise data centers. One of the options for automating the cloud, is the pay-per-use model where you are only charged for the actual costs of the running SAP systems. Using this feature is very suitable for development, project or Proof … Read More

Sabaas and Quinso sign SAP Special Business Member partnership

Starting September 2019, Sabaas has become a SAP Special Business Member of Quinso. This enables Sabaas to resell SAP licenses for SAP HANA. Both Quinso and Sabaas believe this will strengthen their common organizations. Both consultancy firms have been collaborating for many years and by signing this partnership they will be even more able to offer their customers a complete … Read More

Delivering the foundation for the digital transformation

Delivering the foundation for your digital transformation – Service Management Numerous companies, big and small are working on the journey to transform their business processes. Many of these companies are struggling with their massive SAP ERP systems, which are still at the core of their business processes. To be able to support the rapid changing business they must have the … Read More