Cloud Migration

SAP in the Cloud

Running SAP in the Cloud eliminates the challenges you now face with running it on-premise or on a collocated site. Sabaas migrates your SAP workloads to the Public Clouds of your choice. Once we have migrated the system, we will activate our cloud automations. These will help you in reducing the server overhead by using functions such as autoscaling. Server provisioning times will be drastically reduced which enables your projects to start immediately working on their changes.

Optimizing IT

At Sabaas we strongly believe in Optimizing IT. This is also reflected in the way we do Cloud migrations. Throughout the whole project and also after go-live we will be trying to find ways in optimizing the applications and way of working. This often leads to replacing on-premise applications with new pay-per-use Cloud services or apps and implementing automated monitoring and issue resolution.

Sabaas currently supports the three major Cloud environments of AWS, Azure and GCP. Together we will determine which Cloud is best for your company to run SAP on. We will lay out the differences and give you a clear overview of the costs and capabilities.