Delivering the foundation for the digital transformation

Delivering the foundation for your digital transformation - Service Management

Numerous companies, big and small are working on the journey to transform their business processes. Many of these companies are struggling with their massive SAP ERP systems, which are still at the core of their business processes.

To be able to support the rapid changing business they must have the agility and flexibility to adapt to frequent and rapid changes. Unfortunately, most ERP systems lack this much needed flexibility. At Sabaas we offer several approaches to solve these issues, in this blog we look into our Service Management services. These services will assists you in optimizing and streamlining your running ERP systems and preparing them for future changes and upgrades.


Automate Operations

To manage daily operations effectively, monitoring must be automated. Move away from daily checklists and implement technical monitoring. By monitoring on technical objects such as diskspace, system dumps, performance and the availability of work processes. Configure alerting, auto-reactions and integration to Service Management tooling. We will ensure that your daily operations will run unhampered.

Implementing  business process monitoring will ensure a reliable business process flow and throughput and help you pinpoint issues before they can become major incidents.

The goal is to increase efficiency in daily operations and to reduce the number of incidents. Sabaas offer it's own set of KPI's to manage your system availability and health. We can also help you in developing your own set-of indicators and dashboards, to effectively manage your system.


Remove your unused custom code

To enable future upgrades standardization and automation are vital. In most SAP systems 70% to 80% of all custom coding is no longer used. This coding even if not used will hamper upgrades, and other developments because it needs to be adapted and tested. Every upgrade this process starts from scratch again, because nobody is sure if coding is still actively used. Removing unused custom coding will reduce the complexity of applying upgrades and changes. Sabaas can implement Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM) to decommission unused custom coding in your SAP system and thus enable upgrades at lower costs.



Besides managing daily operations, it is also important to improve the long-term health of your system, by controlling the growth. Proper housekeeping is important to ensure your ERP system is in a good state, this can be achieved by archiving business data and technical data is if relevant for compliancy reasons or remove data which is no longer needed. SAP Solution Manager Data Volume Management (DVM) can be used to predict the future growth and to understand, which tables need to be archived, with priority.

Implementing DVM gives insight to:

  • Data allocation statistics – who consumes what?
  • Utilization statistics – which data is touched, and which is not touched at all?
  • Potential savings – what costs will you save by archiving?
  • Reorganization and compression – how much storage will I save by reorganizing or moving to S/4HANA



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