Many companies have experienced the difficulties and slowness of implementing changes on SAP. DevOps can help you here! The goal of Sabaas is to make your IT more responsive to the needs of the business.

Key to implementing DevOps is automation and optimization of your IT processes. We can achieve major improvements by automating the SAP change management process. By implementing a flexible and highly automated change management process in SAP Solution Manager changes can be moved in a quick and secure manner through the SAP landscape.

Automated SAP system refreshes or retrieving test data sets from production can be enabled by using the Data Sync Manager suite from EPI-USE Labs. By using these out-of-the-box functionalities delivered by Sabaas, through the partnership with EPI-USE Labs your development teams will become truly DevOps enabled.

These functions have been implemented with much success at several of our customers, if you are interested is real use-cases and customer experiences contact us at Sabaas.


DevOps is more then automation it also is about culture and responsibility. Teams need to work closely together and share responsibility. People should not be afraid to fail, the idea of DevOps is to fail fast and address the issues as early on as possible. This is the so-called "Shift-left", which puts much more responsibility at the technical IT teams. Sabaas can help you with this culture change inside your organization and take your teams along on the journey to DevOps.