Change Management Automation in SAP

Change Management Automation in SAP – DevOps

At Sabaas we focus on optimizing and automating your IT processes. Our goal is to run the SAP change management process as automated as possible. In most SAP systems approximately 70% of all changes can be considered standard changes. These changes must be moved quickly through the landscape, but most importantly still secure and with a complete audit trail. 

To enable this process we have implemented automated Change Control Management at several of our customers. As a result of implementing this we ensure a continuous flow of these changes into SAP production. The solution contains an automated content check and tooling to prevent sequence issues. By having these checks in place we ensure the content in the transport is exactly in line with the standard changes listed in the customers Service Desk tooling. The integrity of the SAP landscape is ensured by automated sequence checks.

By implementing this solution our customers are able to transport these changes in a secure, fast and audit proof manner. The tool also contains extensive reporting capabilities. All of these capabilities will result in a quick and secure continuous delivery to production. If you are interested in our approach and how this was implemented at our customers contact us at Sabaas.

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