Sabaas has developed a GDPR scan which will identify the privacy risks for your organization. The outcome of the Sabaas GDPR scan will provide a clear and actionable list. This will enable you to implement policies and measures to minimize or eliminate the risks. Of course we can assist you in developing and implementing these policies to ensure your compliance.

Authorization and access

Who has access to which data in applications, databases and backups in your organization? Is proper authorization and access management implemented? A quite common "issue" is that employees have access rights which does not suit their role. Access to data must be restricted to authorized staff only. If you do not have access to the data, you cannot misuse this data. We will make a complete overview of the implemented authorizations. including physical access and access to archived data. Having access policies and controls in place to ensure and measure the compliance is also vital.

Data protection officer

Sabaas offers Data Protection Officer as a Service. The advantage of this service is that you will always have access to an experienced and certified Data Protection Officer, who is fully aware of all laws and regulations regarding GDPR. The Sabaas Data Protection Officer can act as the contact person for your organization to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. He can respond to privacy questions of employees, customers and data subject. In addition, this service can be used to draft and audit your GDPR policies.

Awareness Training GDPR

The training is based on the theoretical framework and our deep knowledge about the GDPR, it includes both technical and practical matters. The course is given by an experienced Data Protection Officer with hands-on experience and can be given on-premise. The training is interactive and will focus on topics that are actual in your organization. This is an important step towards a privacy conscious organization.