Service Management

SAP streamlined and optimized

With our Sabaas 'Service Management as a Service' we ensure that your SAP applications are streamlined and optimized. Our service consists of a scan of your IT processes and SAP landscape set-up. Based on this scan we will identify improvement points focused on increasing effectiveness and on lowering your operational expenses. Our Service Management team has been working in SAP and IT for many years. This deep experience and knowledge will be used to advise you on improvements in your IT landscape.

Our Service Management service will ensure that agreed Service Level Agreements are fulfilled. We measure the performance of your IT suppliers using our own set of Key Performance Indicators. Our analysis highlights where processes can benefit from optimization and structural solutions. Our team is uniquely qualified to set up continuous improvement program focused on the technical health of your SAP applications, resulting in the best, most efficient use of your investment in SAP.


Sabaas also offers its own console for controlling and managing applications running in the public Cloud. To optimize your company's operational processes, Sabaas has developed the Management Console for AWS services. This console can be used as a SaaS solution and offers the following functionalities;

  1. Starting and stopping servers running on AWS;
  2. View system status, details including actual consumption and hosting costs on AWS;
  3. Self-service password reset;
  4. Stop and start SAP instances running on AWS.

The Sabaas Console is set up with a responsive design so it can be used on PC, tablet or mobile. The look and feel is very user friendly. This tool will help you in effectively managing and controlling the cost of your (SAP) applications running in the cloud. By using our Management Console you can for example schedule test systems to be stopped outside office hours to save on AWS hosting costs.